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20th August 2014

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Unearthed some Mothy-P today and remembered how much I loved Thousand Year Wiegenlied, so I drew some girl in green Miku…!


Unearthed some Mothy-P today and remembered how much I loved Thousand Year Wiegenlied, so I drew some girl in green Miku…!

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20th August 2014

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I was trying to upload his full body but it kept coming out blurry…so it’s in stash instead. |D This half body will do for now.


I was trying to upload his full body but it kept coming out blurry…so it’s in stash instead. |D This half body will do for now.

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20th August 2014

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First Kuragehime trailer!

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19th August 2014

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Let’s Ruin Video Games



My name is Arden, and after a few days of thinking I’ve decided that I’m going to ruin video games.

I’m going to be doing everything in my power to destroy them completely. Walking simulators about feelings and emotions as far as the eye can see! Guns that shoot kisses! Lady characters that aren’t designed to cater to the whims of straight men! I’m hiding loving queer couples in every treasure chest instead of new armor. Every game will now be required to have at least one section that can be described as “too” personal. Fuck, if I’m feeling really bold, I might even throw some non-white characters into a game or two! I’ll magically replace every copy of every big-budget first person shooter with either Gone Home or Dear Esther and listen to the agitated shrieks of gamers.

Non-men have been “ruining” games for a long time, of course, by virtue of existing and trying to make the medium and the spaces around it more inclusive and less festering garbage. I’m just owning up to it now, so there can be no doubt: I’m here to ruin games. The space gamers have carved out is broken and vile, and I’m done with it. This is not their hobby anymore, it is our art.

I’m ruining video games! Join me! Make a personal story in Twine, nothing pisses gamers off more than interactive fiction sharing experiences that don’t cater to them! Make something in RPG Maker! You don’t even need to put combat in it! Make a dating sim or a visual novel in Ren’Py! Ruining games is easy, I know you can do it too!


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19th August 2014

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when u genuinely dislike a character but all ur buddies love them and u dont wanna be a dick about it so u just


when u genuinely like a character but all ur buddies hate them and u dont wanna look like u have bad taste so u just


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19th August 2014

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Anonymous said: No but Chrom being super extra nervous on the day Robin goes into labor, he's freaking out 10 times more than her, and she has to TELL HIM to calm down and breath! "Chrom you seriously need to calm down. You're like 2 seconds from fainting."



Omg I can see that totally happening


and somewhere, hidden in the palace, there is a Lucina who is like “dad pls”


Someonde told me I had to add this too

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19th August 2014

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Here’s some more FE:A Miiverse draws on 3DS from the past few days.

Previous batches: [x] [x]

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19th August 2014

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Byakuya and Naegi confirmed for Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo →


Well look at that.

Both Byakuya and Naegi of DanganRonpa fame have been confirmed as returning characters in Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo: DanganRonpa AnotherEpisode. The Famitsu screen is tiny as hell, but you can clearly make them out in suits.

Additionally, someone who looks suspiciously like Nagito Komaeda from DanganRonpa 2 is included in the scan. Hooooh.


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19th August 2014

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People on here seem to be forgetting that this alt costume is the least sexualized.

A lady needs her alt costumes.

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19th August 2014

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Miyano Mamoru Foreign Language Compilation
laugh, cry, and bow before the king

[Ouran High School Host Club] Suou Tamaki: …From now on will you let me call you by your first name? Bravo! Kyouya! Mon ami! Mon ami! Yahoo! (ep. 24)

[Steins;Gate] Okabe Rintarou: Uh…hey, mister! I am mad scientist. ‘s so cool! Sonuvabitch. (ep. 15)

Ah…I am mad scientist! United States (chaos/goes?) and invade! …Oh! American joke! I’m a smart citizen. Do you understand? Do you understand? (ep. 25/OVA)

[Chihayafuru 2] Mashima Taichi: Forgive me, but your pronunciation is not correct. Maybe you can more easily speak Japanese than English— can’t you? (ep. 8)

[Free!] Matsuoka Rin: Furious all-out · All-out(x3) · Perfect body (ep. 10)

In this case, the antecedent is “the time," so the relative verb is "when.” Now is the time when I must try hard. (Free! Special - FrFr 3)

[Free! Eternal Summer] Matsuoka Rin: Kiss me(x5) · Perfect body (ep. 7)

[Tokyo Ghoul] Tsukiyama Shuu: Ravissant · Merci · Merci beaucoup · Be cool · Monsieur Savarin · Tschüss · Bon appétit · Non · …in a maestoso location, with Kaneki-kun reaching a crescendo, until at last I… fortissimo · Bonsoir, mademoiselle · I was eighteen · Très bien! · Calmato · Such an unexpected hors d’oeuvre! (full post)

PS: This is a rec post in disguise. Definitely check out Mamo in these roles if you haven’t already. Enjoy!

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