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13th July 2012

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I respect this son right here.

much love

love this man.

well done.

I will never judge a person by the way they speak for the rest of the week. Seriously, though, we need more people like this in this world.

Respect for you man. You understand life.

Shit man. This dude has it figured out.

ALWAYS RE-BLOG. This is how all humans should act

I have so much respect for him, the world needs more people like him.

Respect this dude.

why can’t more people be like him ? so much respect

I really like how articulate he is. Haha.

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    Wow. This was beautiful… He spit so much knowledge and was showing love at the same time. Can’t be no older than 18 ,...
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    We need more people like this in the world. This really made me feel an “awe” for this video.